Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tuscan Fields - #4 of 30

"Tuscan Fields" - 9x12 - Oil on Panel
"Campos de la Toscana" - 23x30 - Oleo

Today we are taking a drive through Tuscany and we come across some beautiful sunflower fields. One of the things that really suprised me about Italy was how much "space" there was in between towns. I expected it all to be way more populated than it is. There is a LOT more agriculture than I imagined. They plant olive groves, grape vines and orchards everywhere they can and it is really beautiful.  Trying to stay loose, use big brushes and have fun which is what it is all about right?


Hoy vamos de paseo por la Toscana y nos encontramos con campos llenos de girasoles. Una de las cosas que me orpredió mucho en Italia fue la cantidad de "espacio" que hay entre los pueblos. Hay MUCHA mas agricultura de lo que me imaginaba, creía que toda Italia iba a ser mucho mas poblada de lo que es. Plantan olivares, viñas y huertos por todos lados y es realmente muy hermoso.
Sigo tratando de mantener la espontaneidad, usar pinceles grandes y divertirme, que de eso se trata no? 
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