Saturday, August 31, 2013

How I Got Here

         Clam Bay in Thetis Island was one of the places we anchored at this week.

Ok, a little bit of history today before we get started. As some of you may know already, I have for the last 5 years been part of a great organization called Coast Collective. Four brave, creative, hard working ladies and myself got the opportunity to start this wonderful Art Centre and while it has been very rewarding and much bigger than we ever imagined, it has consumed my creative time. I have had less and less time to paint which is why we started the whole thing in the first place! So we took the hard decision of stepping down as the heads of Coast Collective. (We are fortunate as we are connected with a very caring community of artists and artisans and nobody wants to see Coast Collective come to an end; because of that, there is a group of people that will step up and lead the Art Centre into its new life!) 
Back at the end of June, in the spirit of painting as much as I could, I registered for Liz Wiltzen's Daily Painting Workshop and that was it! Liz is a very talented artist whose work I love. If you ever have the chance of taking a workshop with her do it! After that, a few of us that took it continued to paint and for me if it was not daily, it was way more than I had painted for the last few years. (These daily paintings are small pieces, mostly from life where you learn and practice to really look and get into a discipline). I have also recently started to follow a whole bunch of blogs of people that paint daily or artists I admire and that is how I came upon Leslie Saeta's "30 in 30" challenge. I had seen it happen back at the beginning of the year and I was green with envy! Those artists were painting, a lot! I proposed we did it to a few friends and Sharlene Stushnov-Lee accepted the challenge.  I am so glad we are doing this!! Thanks for the push and the vote of confidence Shar! 
Let the fun begin! (I am excited and scared) (I promise I won't write as much all the time! Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, the sun has finally come out here!)
Ok, un poquito de historia antes de empezar. Como algunos de Uds. sabrán, yo he sido durante los últimos 5 años parte de una gran organización llamada Coast Collective ( Cuatro mujeres valientes y trabajadoras tuvimos la oportunidad de empezar este gran Centro de Arte. Nos ha dado muchas recompensas y ha crecido mucho más de lo que nos imaginamos al comienzo pero ha consumido" toda mi energía creativa. Tuve cada vez menos tiempo para pintar y crear (que fue por lo que empezamos todo!) Asi que tuvimos que tomar la dura decisión de  dejar de ser las cabezas de Coast Collective. (Tenemos la suerte de habernos conectado con una gran comunidad de artistas y artesanos y nadie quiere que Coast Collective termine por lo que estamos logrando identificar un grupo de gente que va a llevar a nuestro Centro de Arte a su próxima etapa!) 
Al final de Junio, para poder pintar un poco me anote en un curso con Liz Wiltzen, "Una Pintura Diaria" y ahí fue cuando empezó todo esto de una pintura por día. Liz es una artista con mucho talento y me encanta su trabajo. Si alguna vez tienen la oportunidad de hacer un curso con ella, háganlo! Después de eso, algunas de las que tomamos el curso seguimos pintando y si bien no fue a diario fue mucho más de lo que había pintado en los últimos años anteriores. (Estas pinturas diarias son pinturas chiquitas que se pintan de naturalezas muertas en las que uno aprende y practica "ver" bien las cosas y formar disciplina. También hace poco empecé a seguir varios blogs de artistas que admiro o gente que pinta a diario y fue así que encontré este desafío de Leslie Saeta de "30 en 30". Había visto como ocurrió uno de estos desafíos a principios de año y me había muerto de envidia. Estos artistas pintaban! Y mucho! Les propuse a varias amigas que lo hiciéramos y Sharlene Stushnov-Lee aceptó. Estoy muy contenta por poder hacerlo juntas. Gracias por el empujón y por el voto de confianza Shar! 
Que e piece la diversion! (Estoy entusiasmada y con miedo) (Prometo no escribir tanto en el futuro! Que disfruten el resto del fin de semana largo! El sol por fin salió acá!)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Warming up

"Trincomali Channel" - 5x7 - Oil on canvas
"Canal Trincomali" - 12X17cm - Oleo

I was born in Cordoba which is in the middle of Argentina. The ocean is 800 to 1000km either way to East or West  which is why I never ever get tired of enjoying the ocean here on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands in Western Canada.
We are spending the week on our sailboat this last bit of summer and as a warm-up to the 30 day challenge I have managed to paint every day. This is today's offering. I was working more than anything on getting the values right. It came quickly and I wanted to keep the freshness. Hope you like it!

Nací en Córdoba  que queda en el medio de Argentina. El océano esta de 800 a 1000 km para el este o el oeste. Es por eso que no me canso de disfrutar el mar acá en la Isla de Vancouver y las islas del Golfo en el Oeste de Canadá.
Esta es la última semana de vacaciones y la estamos pasando en el velero. Como precalentamiento 
para el desafío de los 30 en 30 he podido pintar todos los días. Esta es la hoy. Me concentré más que nada en mantener los "valores" (de claro y oscuro, nunca he usado estas palabras en castellano). Me salió rápido y no quise trabajarla de más. Espero que les guste!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New beginnings

I follow Leslie Saeta's blog and she has again put up a challenge which I am about to embark on. The challenge is 30 Paintings in 30 days starting Sep 1. Have never done that before and I hope I can keep up with everything else always going on!   (and it will be ok if I miss a day or 2). The goal for me is to create, create discipline and learn as much as possible in the process. It is about the process more than the result.
This challenge comes at a great time as I am in the process of giving my art a lot more attention than I have been able to in the past. Need to blog about it hence the creation of this blog (don't really know what I am doing but I will learn). 
It will be fun!
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