Friday, October 9, 2015

Turning Larch

"Turning Larch" - 8x8 - Oil on Birch Panel
"Alerce Amarillo" - 20x20 cm - Oleo

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This is what I had done on site that day

The last day we were in the Bugaboos we went to a place called Pocket Lake. Gorgeous spot of course where there were so many paintings to do that I could have stayed there for weeks and not run out of subject matter! The weather that day was crazy, we had all kinds, from sunshine and warmth to snow and clouds, many times over. Soon after we got there, I saw this small larch  which had been cut in half, who knows, maybe a windstorm, snow, bears?? Anyway, what caught my eye was the gorgeous colour it was turning. We were told in a couple of weeks they would all be looking like this one with Fall  and cooler temperatures fast approaching.   (Larches are a kind of deciduous conifer, before moving to Canada I didn't know conifers could be deciduous???) The water on the lake kept changing colours with sun peeking in and out all the time. It would go from grey and flat to beautiful tones of green and turquoise. The whole day I was kind of hoping and dreading at the same time a bear encounter. Lyle, our wonderful guide, told us a mama bear had died in an avalanche right there a couple of years ago and her 2 cubs keep coming back. Last year they both did, this year they have seen only one of them so our guide  (who kept an eye open for bears all the time) said they were around for sure. I wish we had seen one but  I am also glad we didn't!!!  Seeing a grizzly would have scared the heck out of me!

"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen" - Robert Bresson


El último día que estuvimos en los Bugaboos fuimos a un lugar llamado Lago Pocket. Lugar  hermosísimo en el que había tantos cuadros para pintar que me podría haber quedado ahí por semanas para pintarlos a todos! El tiempo ese día estuvo luco, tuvimos desde sol a nieve y nubes varias veces.  Apenas llegamos, vi este alerce que se estaba poniendo amarillo que estaba cortado por la mitad, quién sabe, viento, nieve, un oso?? Lo que me interesó para pintar fueron los hermosos tonos de amarillos y ocres que estaba empezando a tomar. Me dijeron que en un par de semanas mas todos iban a empezar a ponerse amarillos al acercarse el otoño.  Los alerces son una conífera de hojas caducas, (Antes de venir a Canadá no sabía que algunas coníferas son de hojas caducas). El agua cambiaba de color todo el tiempo cuando el sol salía y se entraba. Se ponía toda gris y cambiaba a distintos tonos de verdes y turquesas. El día entero estuve medio como esperando y temiendo que se apareciera un oso. Lyle, nuestro guía nos dijo que hace dos años se había muerto una mamá osa en una avalancha en este lugar y los ositos siguen volviendo. El año pasado volvieron los dos, y este año han visto a uno solamente, pero seguro que andan por ahí. Es una pena que no hayamos visto ninguno pero al mismo tiempo me alegro!!! Me hubiero muerto de miedo si hubiese visto un oso gris en su ambiente|!!!
"Haz visible algo que , sin ti, tal vez nunca hubiera sido visto" - Robert Bresson

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